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Call for Papers

The 13th International Conference on Bio−inspired Computing: Theories and Applications (BIC−TA 2018) will be held on November 2-4, 2018, Beijing, China, which is built upon the success of the previous ones held in Wuhan (2006), Zhengzhou (2007), Adelaide (2008), Beijing (2009), Liverpool and Changsha (2010), Penang (2011), Gwalior (2012), Anhui (2013), Wuhan (2014), Anhui (2015), Xi’an (2016), and Harbin (2017), respectively.

The conference invites researchers to contribute high quality original research papers in any aspect of bio−inspired computing. The main topics for the conference include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Artificial life and artificial immune systems;
  • Amorphous computing
  • Chaos computing
  • Cellular automata
  • Cellular (in-vivo) computing
  • DNA computing
  • Evolutionary computation
  • Membrane and molecular computing
  • Neural computation and deep learning
  • Self-assembling and self-organizing systems
  • Super-Turing computation
  • Swarm intelligence and optimization
  • Bio−inspired computing in computational systems biology
  • Bio−inspired control theory & applications
  • Bio−inspired complex networks and complex systems
  • Bio−inspired fuzzy logic and systems
  • Bio−inspired operations research and optimization
  • Bio−inspired systems engineering
  • Bio−inspired computing in computational neuroscience
  • Bio−inspired computing in synthetic biology
  • Bio−inspired computing in signal processing
  • Bio−inspired computing in pattern recognition
  • Bio−inspired computing in biometrics recognition
  • Bio−inspired computing in image processing
  • Bio−inspired computing in information security
  • Bio−inspired computing in virtual reality and human-computer interaction
  • Bio−inspired computing in bioinformatics and systems biology
  • Bio−inspired computing in intelligent transportation systems
  • Bio−inspired computing in cloud computing and big data

Accepted papers will be published in Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) by Springer. The majority of papers to be published in BICTA 2018 CCIS proceedings should be full papers (8-12 pages in the LNCS/CCIS one−column page format). Some selected papers will be invited for the special issues of several international journals, including:

  1. Scientific Annals of Computer Science

(Web address: http://www.info.uaic.ro/Annals)

  1. International Journal of Swarm Intelligence Research

(Web address: https://www.igi-global.com/journal/international-journal-swarm-intelligence-research)

  1. Systems Science & Control Engineering

(Web address: https://www.tandfonline.com/loi/tssc20)

  1. Journal of Zhengzhou University (Engineering Science) (in Chinese)

(Web address: http://www.zdxbgxb.com/)

  1. CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology (EI pending)

(Web address: http://digital-library.theiet.org/content/journals/trit)

(More journals will be announced)

Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline
July 1, 2018  July 22, 2018
Notification of Paper Acceptance
August 1, 2018
Final Paper Submission
August 15, 2018
Conference Date
November 2 – 4, 2018


Please click here to download the Program of BIC-TA 2018

Free online access to the online version on SpringerLink for the proceedings of BIC-TA 2018.
1. Bio-inspired Computing: Theories and Applications Part I
2. Bio-inspired Computing: Theories and Applications Part II

The final results of all manuscripts, review comments and registration information have been sent out. If any authors do not receive these messages, please email to
Xinchao Zhao: zhaoxc@bupt.edu.cn;
Linqiang Pan: lqpanhust@gmail.com

高影响力SCI期刊SWEC BIC-TA2018 会议专刊征集已经上线,在杂志官网虚位以待,敬请各位投稿等推荐。 https://www.journals.elsevier.com/swarm-and-evolutionary-computation/call-for-papers/advances-theory-application-bio-inspired-swarm