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The deadline of registration is September 30, 2018

Registration fee:


  • A registration is required for each accepted paper;
  • If the first author has more than one paper accepted, from the second paper on, the registration fee is 3200 RMB or 470 USD for each paper;
  • Extra Page Charge:If your paper exceeds 12 pages in Springer CCIS template, please pay US$50 for each additional page;
  • It is VERY important to mention “BICTA2018 + Submission ID + author name” in your bank transfer. For foreign participants, please use the following information to pay the registration fee.

Beneficiary’s Name: Wuhan Huizhijia Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.

Beneficiary’s A/C No.: 127907768132502

Beneficiary’s Bank: China Merchants Bank, H.O., CMB TOWER, 7088 SHENNAN BOULEVARD, Shenzhen, China, SWIFT Code: CMBCCNBS

Intermediary Bank: China Merchants Bank Co. Ltd., New York, SWIFT Code:CMBCUS33

  • Once you pay the registration fee, please fill the registration form and send it to bictapub@hust.edu.cn.
  • If you have question about registration, please feel free to contact us at bictapub@hust.edu.cn.

Click to download the registration form.



有论文注册: 3600 RMB
无论文注册: 2400 RMB


  • 会议论文注册截止日期是2018930
  • 每篇论文必须有一位作者注册并参会介绍论文工作(同一“第一作者”的所有论文,从第二篇论文起每篇论文注册费为3200);若其他作者也拟参会,可选择“无论文注册”;
  • CCIS会议论文篇幅最多12页,超过部分每页加收人民币300元;
  • 在通过汇款缴纳注册费时,请务必在汇款附言中提供“BICTA2018 + 论文编号 + 作者姓名” 信息,以便会务组核对;
  • 完成转帐后,请填写注册表,并将注册表缴费收据(扫描、拍照或截图均可)发送至bictapub@hust.edu.cn
  • 有关注册问题,您可以联系bictapub@hust.edu.cn咨询。


账号:12790 77681 10301





Final paper preparation:

Springer conference paper templates (latex templateword template).

Springer CCIS Copyright Transfer


Important Dates

Paper Submission Deadline
July 1, 2018  July 22, 2018
Notification of Paper Acceptance
August 1, 2018
Final Paper Submission
August 15, 2018
Conference Date
November 2 – 4, 2018


Please click here to download the Program of BIC-TA 2018

Free online access to the online version on SpringerLink for the proceedings of BIC-TA 2018.
1. Bio-inspired Computing: Theories and Applications Part I
2. Bio-inspired Computing: Theories and Applications Part II

The final results of all manuscripts, review comments and registration information have been sent out. If any authors do not receive these messages, please email to
Xinchao Zhao: zhaoxc@bupt.edu.cn;
Linqiang Pan: lqpanhust@gmail.com

高影响力SCI期刊SWEC BIC-TA2018 会议专刊征集已经上线,在杂志官网虚位以待,敬请各位投稿等推荐。 https://www.journals.elsevier.com/swarm-and-evolutionary-computation/call-for-papers/advances-theory-application-bio-inspired-swarm